Summer essentials. Let Birkenstock walk you through the weekend!

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If you're looking for a new pair of Birkenstocks or simply replacing your current ones, Abicus has got you covered. With over 25 different styles to choose from, Abicus has one of the largest offerings of Birkenstocks in Newcastle. You can shop the full range in store, right now. 


About Abicus

Abicus opened it’s doors back in 2000, on what was then a very sleepy Darby St Cooks Hill Newcastle.

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With a crate of records, a rail of clothing and the vision to offer unique classics and unique titles that were not easily available locally, this inseparable mix of music and fashion translated from the very first day. Now, 20 years on, with a sister store Scout, a team of 10 staff and an immense amount of love and respect for the magical place that is Newcastle, we feel extremely lucky to be working with some of Australia’s most inspiring and prolific designers, musicians and artists.

Alongside the men’s & women’s apparel, footwear and specialized selection of vinyl, Abicus is also known for it’s deep offering of eyewear and music books.

We consider the likes of Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, & Jimi Hendrix to be a vital and truly influential link between music & fashion. Their style and sound transcends time… leaving much to aspire to.

At Abicus, we believe in-store experience is as important as the offering. We believe the right record, discovered at the right time, can steer the path of your journey, soundtrack your day, your week, your year, your life!. Trends come and go but quality is forever. Simple, essential and timeless styles can be found year round at both Abicus & Scout as-well as those one-off seasonal styles.

Our team are just as happy talking about the new Big Thief record or Rollas collection as they are about championing the ever many incredible local bars, bakeries, coffee shops, cafes, eat spots, galleries, retail, parks, beaches and opportunity Newcastle has to offer.

Pop by, say Hello, grab a hot brew on Darby St and take a walk… Good times!


music art culture

We have a deep offering of music books in-store right now from...

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Patti Smith to Eno to Bowie to Flea, if you are remotely interested in music, art &/or culture you are  likely stumble across a fresh read that will have you book bound before you have finished your brew!

Our ever expanding offering of unique music focused books is absolutely, a space-to-watch and has fast become a go-too for regulars and first time visitors alike. 


About Tiff & Tim

About Tiff & Tim

A quick and improvised rant about Tim & Tiff’s background and how music and fashion became such a big part of their lives.

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Tiff, Tim, and their young treasures Daisy & Leo, live in Newcastle. Tiff & Tim have been novocastrians their whole lives.

Tiff’s entry into music began with making mix tapes for friends, the obsession with bands like Redd Kross, Beastie Boys, Sleater Kinney and The Melniks grew until Tiff launched her own fanzine Candy Flipper in '95, she was a regular contributor to other local fan-zines & music publications such as Krudcumber, The Newcastle Herald, Rolling Stone and Reverb magazine, interviewing the likes of many of her idols including Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill to name a few. Whilst a true devotee to the early 90’s grunge scene, fashion was never a dream during her teenage years, the opportunity to take a short term lease on a small shopfront of a sleepy Darby St came up when her previous job at a Hamilton independent record store closed it’s doors.

Having spent the previous 2 years either managing or buying for other local record stores, music was always going to be part of this new venture, but it was the decision to include a rail or two of hard to find clothing at the store back in 2000 that really set Abicus on it’s way. From the start Tiff has been both a music & fashion buyer for Abicus, whilst also looking after all of the back-end.

All the while her husband Tim has been there assisting with all things Abicus. Whether it be designing & building the interior of the new stores, taking care of the men’s apparel, accessories and music buying, or producing the stores marketing material. Tim also keeps himself busy with various other creative projects including his two bands Firekites & The Instant, as well as producing music for film and TV.

All in all Tiff and Tim feel extremely lucky to be able to provide jobs for the team of 10 working between Abicus and their recently re-launched women’s store Scout. The fact that customers walk through the stores doors every single day is still a thing of wonder for them, something they don’t take for granted.


Back to the Future

For our 16th birthday we asked 16 artists to produce unique artwork for a Thrills denim jacket that was auctioned off to raise funds for Headspace Newcastle to help reduce the impact of mental health on young people.

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We are super happy to report that between the Back To The Future online auction and the BTTF show bags sold in-store at Abicus we were able to raise $15,500AUD that will specifically be use used toward youth suicide prevention programs and creative workshops through Headspace Newcastle. How cool is that!!
This whole project/event was a massive collaborative effort and we would like to say a SUPER MASSIVE THANK YOU to Thrills, all of the artists and supporters of Back To The Future including the family of Szymon who performed at the launch night in-store. Your support, enthusiasm and generosity has completely has blew us away. And to everyone that bid on a jacket, bought a show bag or made a donation… Thank you thank you!
We hope you all enjoyed your time in Back To The Future as much as we did.
All the very best!!




Newcastle based fashion & music store, Abicus has teamed up with Byron Bay based fashion label Thrills because we want to raise awareness and critical funds for the youth mental health service, Headspace. Together we curated ‘Back To The Future’, a unique art exhibition featuring 16 Australian artists’ work on 16 denim jackets.

8 artists from each magical coastal town have produced artworks specially for the back panel of a classic Thrills denim jacket. We exhibited these jacket in-store at Abicus & online Nov 24 - Dec 11. With 100% of the proceeds going to Headspace Newcastle.

Sally Bourke, Paul McNeil, Aaron Kinnane, Michael Bell, Lucas Grogan, Tabitha McGregor, Jordana Henry are just some of the stellar line up of artists we hand picked to be part of this project.


Headspace want to see young people thriving, contributing and engaging with their friends, family and community.

Headspace is an early intervention health service for 12-25 year olds.

Their aim is to reduce the impact of mental health on young people. The awesome team there provide FREE mental health services, physical health services, drug and alcohol services and social and vocational services to our local youth.

Early intervention is the key to addressing youth mental health and it is through community support like this you will be helping Headspace to achieve this.

Your support will go to youth suicide prevention programs and creative workshops.


Meet Angus from Headcase Wines

One of the Hunter’s youngest emerging winemakers and longtime Abicus customer ( and avid vinyl collector!) Angus Vinden of Headcase Wines, caught up with Tim to talk about process, inspiration, music and Australian wine culture!

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How and when did your love affair with wine making begin?
My earliest memories are helping Dad after school; putting vine-guards on young vines and digging out concrete fermenters. My parents encouraged me to follow a different career path, completing 6 years of architectural study at University; it was a spur of the moment trip to Beaujolais and Burgundy 6 years ago that set me on my current path. After drinking one or three too many bottles of Grand Cru Corton Bressandes, I called my parents at 3am and told them I was coming home to pursue winemaking, and it has grown from there... The Vinden Headcase was established in 2015. The goal was to create great wines, which are as fun and distinctive to drink, as they were to make. The range focuses on producing delicious, unique, progressive styles that both respect and challenge the traditional regionality of the Hunter Valley.
As such a long form discipline, with the elements playing an immeasurably significant influence on the end result... how do you approach improvising your plan when Mother Nature plays an unexpected card?


I think simply it comes back to being flexible, every vintage I begin conceptually with an idea of the wines and styles I would like to produce. You must be adaptable, my first experiments came from a cooler vintage where I was not able to produce the wines I had conceptualised. From there new concepts were born, the Nouveau Shiraz was…a lighter fun ‘session’ wine. It was fermented with more whole bunches, at cooler temperatures and aged for a shorter maturation in barrel. What resulted was not a traditional shiraz; a young light refreshing style which could be served chilled.
Describe the perfect setting to explore a bottle of Headcase?

I don’t think there is a perfect setting to drink a Headcase wine. Rather that wine should be shared in a context that is about good food, wine, music, company and conversation. A setting that is best spent sharing and forming memories with family and friends. You should choose the best setting and find the perfect bottle to match.

If Headcase Wines could be articulated through sound, what track and by who would it be?
That is a hard question…I have always been a fan of the 'blues' and ‘rock’ which is also what we all loved as a family. I think that ‘rock music’... if a can be quite simplistic for a moment, has continually redefined it self and I hope it continues to.
- The War on Drugs most likely. I think the music they have created in the past decade pay homage to classic sounds of Springsteen among a plethora of influences, whilst still producing something that is distinctly modern and of its era and helping to redefine rock.
What are listening to right now?

The War on Drugs is always on heavy rotation. Also the first new singles from Tame Impala sound fantastic, I am looking forward to the new album.

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